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Endorsements for the book, "Together We Will Win"

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"Together We Will Win" has received endorsements from oncology professionals and testicular cancer patients around the world...

    "Ian was an inspiration and a delight to all who treated him in his fight with testicular cancer, and his story is one of courage, grace, fear, and hope. Karen McWhirt does a magnificent job of bringing the reader into the experiences lived by her son."
    - Peter J. Van Veldhuisen, M.D.

    "This powerful narrative of a young man's fight to survive an advanced cancer provides the reader a vivid understanding of the fear, the anguish, the frustration, the anger, and the suffering involved in such a battle. Moments of little victories are overwhelmed by disappointment, as disease progresses despite all efforts. The reader becomes painfully aware of the fact that such a disease is not experienced by the patient on an intermittent basis but is always present, physically and emotionally challenging the patient and frustrating his efforts to have even a little normal life. One also feels the struggle of parents attempting to relieve some of the burden thrust on such young shoulders and their pain and disappointment over the inability to protect their child or find an escape for him. The loyalty and courage of his mother and the benevolence of family and friends is compelling to witness. This story may have meaning to many people, but it is particularly revealing to those who care for cancer patients and provides invaluable insight into the aspects of this disease and what it means to the patient and those who love the patient that are often so private, so hidden."
    - Allan R. Fleming, M.D.

    "Ian's story is absolutely inspiring! A true insight into a young cancer patient's experience, and especially enlightening for caregivers. Ian's courage and strength is extremely moving, the emotions are so raw and the love of his family so touching. You will be changed by his story."
    -Cyndy Steen, RN, MSN

   "Inspirational, full of emotion and educational. A must read book for every man who doesn't check his testicles regularly. Ian's story may just save your life!"
     - Darren One Ball Couchman, testicular cancer survivor, author of One Lump or Two, Essex, United Kingdom

    "This awe-inspiring and gut-wrenching story of Ian's battle with testicular cancer is a must read for anyone with a young man in their life. Readers will gain a personal understanding of cancer and its treatments and find it unimaginable that information on testicular cancer isn't required education."
     - Mike Craycraft, R.Ph., testicular cancer survivor and founder of the Testicular Cancer Society, Ohio

    "A powerfully heart-tugging true story of a young man and the immediate life changes he encounters after his diagnosis with testicular cancer. Through Ian's voice you'll be gripped from beginning to end as you fall into his life with his beloved family as they face the challenges, hurdles and decisions in a life forever changed by testicular cancer. Perfectly and accurately written--- a must-read!"
    -John Nigra, testicular cancer survivor, Florida

    "Karen's book, Together We Will Win is a striking and realistic account of a disease that shows no prejudice. This book proves how healthy young men become mortal from a serious and potentially deadly cancer, providing evidence for the importance of testicular cancer awareness."
    - Dave Burnett, testicular cancer survivor, Missouri

   "Ian's story should be mandatory reading for every young man. It has a way of giving goose-bumps even to cancer survivors. You cannot prevent testicular cancer, but you can identify the warning signs early to save your life. Let Ian show you how and why."
    - Noah Wick, testicular cancer survivor, Washington

    "I had a good read and I have to say it's got me with tears in my eyes...brought back some awful memories. This makes me feel so lucky just to be here. Karen's efforts to educate young men and mothers is a shining example of how a mum can keep the memory of her son go on and try to stop others from going through it, and Karen, in Ian's name does it better than anyone."
    - Philly Morris, testicular cancer survivor, founder of, testicular cancer awareness and support, Liverpool, England