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Reader comments

TWWW.IANs bookCOVERforWebsite6.23_4.jpg    "THE BOOK IS AWESOME! I can't tell you how difficult it was for me to put it down at any point. I found myself getting home and going immediately to the book and I finished it very quickly. It was perfectly written. It not only described in detail to a testicular cancer patient what to expect form diagnosis through treatment but also gives the patient and caregivers a first-hand look at how cancer and its treatment affects everyday life, relationships, right down to how difficult it is to simply get dressed. I also enjoyed getting to know more about Ian as a person, as your son, and about you and your family. It simply was a wonderfully written story and I can't explain how grateful I am that you honored Ian and how proud he is of you. Simply incredible! Powerful! And it brought me to tears many times over..."  
   - John Nigra, testicular cancer survivor, Florida

   "When I finished the book I was absolutely amazed and terrified at the same time. The first thing that came to my mind was what an awesome mom you are. Your relationship with Ian is inspirational. At times I would see glimpses of my relationship with my own mother as well as see parts of my own story played out on the pages of the book. As a matter of fact, I called my mom the evening I finished the book because I felt I needed to chat a bit with her... I know your efforts are not only going to save many young men along the way, but every expectation that Ian had to educate and enlighten others about testicular cancer will have been met..."
   - Mike Craycraft, founder, Testicular Cancer Society, testicular cancer survivor, Ohio

   "Well I've just finished reading "Together We Will Win," and boy I have the utmost respect and admiration for yourself and Ian. It was very emotional reading Ian's words, and quite a few tears flowed at times, yet the way Ian's words have been written made me want to read on more, even when I had other things to do... I couldn't put the book down.... Reading Ian's words really made me feel like I had known him for years, and he sounds like the kind of guy I could have got along with and had a laugh with... I really mean that, Karen, he sounds like a brilliant lad and it's so sad what happened to Ian.
   It was so hard for me personally as a survivor to take in what Ian went through...all that pain he went through at times, whereas I just had one shot of chemo and didn't suffer nearly as much as Ian...I really am so lucky... but this is why people like yourself and me do what we do... to make sure that other men don't have to suffer like Ian did. His words toward the end of the book where he wanted you to write his story so that other men would be educated... well that's bloody brave and admirable of Ian to think of others whilst he was going through such a terrible time...."
   - Darren One Ball Couchman, author of One Lump or Two, testicular cancer survivor, UK

   "I have never had a book touch me in so many ways as this one has. I found myself crying, laughing, crying, laughing and crying again. After I started to read the book I didn't want to put it down. I feel like I know Ian through your written pages. I also have to admire the strength you and Mark both had through this most challenging of all experiences...I hope to be an advocate by telling others about this disease in hopes men and young men will not be embarrassed to check their testicles regularly... It was truly a book I will read again and I have already shared with others!
- Susie Bilderback, So. Missouri 

  "I read your book "Together We Will Win" and wanted to let you know how deeply your son's story touched me. Though I never had the pleasure of meeting Ian, I truly felt I was able to know his personality through your words and unwavering, honest characterization. 
  I am amazed by how much I learned while reading the novel. You have now permanently changed the definition of 'cancer' to me. You stripped away the medical jargon and stereotypes, therefore making it tangible with a sense of humanity. 
  It was a privilege to read such an inspiring and intimate story. You touched my heart.
- Amy Blizzard, Author of The Doctor's Daughter,  Indiana

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***** Together, we all win. 

Extremely helpful in beginning our battle for our sons T.C., the journey has just begun, but as the title tells us; Together we will win. Thanks Ian and thanks Karen. -M Galeassi 

***** This book has the power to change lives.  
To write a review for this book is a difficult task because no matter what I write it will not give it justice. Together We Will Win: What Happen's When We Don't Talk About Testicular Cancer is a remarkable read that takes you on a journey of a young man named Ian and his amazing fight against Testicular cancer. Throughout the book I experienced a mix of emotions and by the end I felt like I had known Ian for years. You feel everything he feels and at times are compelled to jump back in time just so you can give him and his family a hug. This is one of the most captivating and liberating books I have ever read. Ian and his family are courageous individuals trying to save as many lives as possible by writing this book. All you have to do is read..... -wlk19 

***** Together We Will Win is one of the most moving books I have ever read
It is not only a very emotional journey of the life of Ian while batteling cancer, but also a wonderful insight to the love between Ian and his mother Karen.This is a wake up call to us all no matter our age to know our bodies and realise that if we do not act immediatly to any change no matter how Embarrassing or small we could be putting our lives at risk.All parents need to talk to their children about body awareness no matter how embarrasing to them and their child, it could save a life.
- D. Johnson

***** I recently read this book and I couldn't put it down
I work at the University of Kansas Hospital on the heme/onc unit as an RN and see the struggles that cancer patient's go through every day. This story will help me better take care of my patient's and better understand their pain and concerns. This is an excellent insight on a cancer patient's point of view and anyone who takes care of patients on a daily basis needs to read this book. Ian's story is an incredible testimony to the lack of education among our youth about their health. You have to read this book and carry out Ian's wish GET THE WORD OUT!
- H. Kimmel

****A real eye opener on the daily struggle of cancer treatment
The reality is sometimes hard to digest. The honesty of the writing is not overdone, and is presented in a factual manor without being melodramatic. You have to be in awe of the indomitable human spirit. If this doesn't convince you how badly we need to find a cure, nothing ever will. Have a box of tissues ready.
- PN

*****Together We Will Win captures your heart from chapter 1 and leads you through the unforgettable journey of this dear family. The realities of this dreaded disease need to be shared with today's young men! The latest and greatest treatment options are dust in the wind unless a young man learns, and is motivated to regularly self-examine and speak up when changes are noticed.
It's up to us, adults/parents, to learn from Ian and pass this book throughout our communities, schools, churches and circles of influence.
- Sneegie

Love True Stories  
Pull out your hanky and get ready to cry, learn, and share the experience with others. For anyone who has had cancer, or knows someone who has or had cancer, this story will touch your heart and if you have never had it, this story will touch your heart. Young men often neglect the hospital, doctors, and in the and that means neglecting their own health. Determined to believe we will never get sick, the day finally comes when we have to face that dreaded truth. How do we handle it? How do we move past it? How do we learn? This book should be a must-read for the young who think themselves invincible. Life is short and so we have to live it to the fullest, and to do that we need our health. This book shows us to not compromise our health, to remember we are, after all, human. Knowing is half the battle, once you know, you can take care of it. Enjoy one man's journey into self-discovery and ultimately healing.  -Ami Blackwelder, author of The Hunted of 2060 Hot Gossip Hot Reviews 

***** Cancer cares not about age, especially testicular cancer 
Cancer cares not about age, especially testicular cancer. "Together We Will Win: What Happens When We Don't Talk About Testicular Cancer: A Young Man's Story" tells the story of Ian McWhirt, and his journey with his mother faced with testicular cancer, a deadly danger to young men as early as twelve, often not talked about due to the reservations society has with the body part. Losing her son to the disease, Karen McWhit hopes her story will teach others to be aware of a disease that can be stopped. "Together We Will Win" is a strong pick for those concerned with what isn't talked about enough. - Midwest Book Review 

***** This book was perfect! Just perfect! 
...."I loved, loved, loved that this book was written in Ian's voice and from his perspective. Once I started reading, I could not stop. I read this book cover to cover in one sitting. As a previous reviewer wrote, I laughed, I cried, I was changed forever....As a nurse, I was struck by the love and commitment exemplified in this book as well as the extraordinary courage and strength it took to fight the battle. I often see patients who do not have the support of family and are forced to face cancer alone....Testicular cancer is an equal opportunity KILLER of men and boys. Well done! This book was Perfect! Just Perfect!" -lstiger39 

***** A must read.
I lost my son to this terrible disease 20 months ago and Karen could have wrote it as our story it mirrors what my Son went through also gave us a lot of understanding to what we didn't understand at the time. A must read to anyone so that awareness is raised and no families should suffer. -Katheryn