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Table of Contents

TWWW.IANs bookCOVERforWebsite6.23_3.jpg Together We Will Win
What Happens When We Don't Talk About Testicular Cancer: A Young Man's Story



1. Is It Bronchitis, Acid Reflux, Gynecomastia ... or the Most Common Cancer in Young Men?

2. Defense Can Win the Game, but First We Have to Take Your Nut

3. DNA, Cancer, and Chemo - the Loser’s Lottery

4. Nadir, Magic Bullets, and Cancer Mountain

5. Vertigo, Neutropenia, Falling Hair, and Hallucinations

6. Cancer Shame

7. WBR = Whole Brain Radiation

8. Winning is Everything, but Everything is about Cancer

9. Uncertainty, Cancer’s Offense

10. Arsenic

11. How Bad Can It Get?

12. We Never Thought it Would Happen to Me

13. The Cancer Lottery Grand Prize

14. Testicular Cancer Information You Can Live With